Rudara Ayurvedic Spa at Das Residency

Rudara Ayurvedic Spa

Treat yourself to new levels of relaxation and rejuvenation at the Rudara Ayurvedic Spa. Relax and revive your body, mind and soul.,with everything from luxurious facials and nail services to soothing massages and body wraps.

Our Rudara Ayurvedic Spa offers ESPA treatments that are individual and specific, and inevitably each experience is tailor made. Here our highly trained therapists will soothe away the stress of modern life, dissolve impurities and heal your body, mind and spirit. The benefits will become obvious from the moment they begin. The treatments include a wide range of therapies comprising from all over the world, ranging from European techniques to age old Asian traditions, these treatments are appropriate for both men and women.

Ayurveda, instead of treating an affected part of the body or a particular disease, goes deep into the root cause of the problem and try to rectify the imbalances of the body, of which a disease or complaint is only an indication. Ayurveda aims at eliminating toxic imbalances from the body and in order to regain body resistance and good health. It also teaches us how to lead our life both physically and mentally to attain the bliss of real life.

Our philosophy is to enhance an individual’s lifestyle in a way that is both holistic and versatile. Our products include natural, potent, authentic, traditional Ayurvedic oils, herbs etc, and international product from Indonesia which is pure and effective in nature.

Spa Facilities: