Places of Interest

Places of Interest

Payyamballam Beach

Payyamballam Beach-Kannur-Das Residency

2 kms from Kannur town

This long stretch coastline with its golden sand is the one of the most serene getaways in the crown of Kerala (Kannur). Very close to the sea is a park that also has a section particularly designed for children. Pleasant boat rides in its waters and captivating sights of the sunset are among other things that the place has to offer.

Fort St. Angelo

3 kms away from Kannur town

This marvelous fort that is a well-known landmark of Kannur dates back to the 14 th century. Standing on a high-rise, on the shores of the Arabian Sea, the fort paints a perfect picture, especially during sunset. Kannur fort also remains a brilliant specimen of ancient Portuguese architecture.

Fort St. Angelo-Kannur-Das Residency

Muzhappilangad Beach

Muzhappilangad Beach

15 kms away from Kannur

This is the only drive- in beach in the state. The sea here is relatively shallow, and there is a children's park just along the shore; making Muzhappilangad beach one of the best location to chill out with family. Gorgeous little huts have been built by the beach for those who wish to stay longer. Go for a relaxing swim in the cool water, feel the wind on your face and breathe in fresh air as you sit on the rocks, or enjoy the sun working a tan on you.

Dharmadam Island

100 m away from sea shore

This exquisite island that was once an important trade center is less than a kilometer away from the Kannur shore. The fact that this island packed with coconut trees remains uninhabited makes it even more exotic a location- a place you would wish you were stranded! There are frequent boats to the island from both Kannur and Thalassery.

Dharmadam Island-Das Residency

Tellicherry Fort

Tellicherry Fort-Das Residency

20 kms away from Kannur

This fort that was originally built by the East India Company has seen many Indian rulers take command hence is a historically important site. The colossal structure made of red bricks, was used for various purposes. The place that is now looked upon as a pilgrim center was once a prison and later a currency mint.

Pazhassi Dam Site

37 kms away from Kannur

The popular dam has been built across the Kuyilurpuzha in Kannur. It derives its name from the celebrated hero and king of ancient Kerala, Pazhassi Raja. The spot and the surrounding area are really alluring and there are also excellent boating facilities available here. By traveling a little you can also visit the birth place of the King.

Pazhassi Dam Site-Das Residency


PaithalMala-Das Residency

44 kms away from Thaliparampu

Paithamala is a well drawn out mountain range. It stands abou of the mountain- by bus, jeep and foot. But it presents a good trekking opportunity and the view from the top of the mountain is breathtaking. One can also try venturing into the Kudaku forest at the North of Paitahmala.


7 kms from Kannur

The place earns its fame from the flourishing timber trade and woodwork industries situated on the banks of Valapattanam River . The river can aptly be called the life of Kannur. It not only serves as fishing harbour, but supplies water for irrigation in almost the whole of the district.

Valapattanam-Kannur-Das Residency


Ezhimala-Das Residency

55 kms from Kannur

The Ezhimala hills, renowned for rare medicinal herbs with mythological significance is belieaved to have been visited by Lord Buddha, was one of the major battle fields of the Chola-Chera war in the 11th century.

Aralam Wild life Sanctuary

60 kms from Kannur

Established in 1984, it is home to numerous species of birds and animals. Around 160 species of birds, even some species considered extinct, have been found here.

Aralam Wild life Sanctuary-Das Residency

The Residence of the Gundert

2 kms away from Thalassery

This is a place of historical importance, a chance to visit the abode of a foreigner who contributed more to the language Malayalam than any native had ever done. The Gundert Bungalow at Illikkunnu is where the German Missionary Herrman Gundert had lived for over two decades. The first English- Malayalam dictionary was the gift of this linguist to Kerala and the Malayalees..

Arakkal Kettu

3 kms from Kannur

This was the residence of the former Arakkal Ali Rajas, the only Muslim Royal Family of Kerala.

Meenkunnu Beach

12 kms from Kannur

Uncrowded, the beach is a tourists' paradise, with golden sand and surf.