Pilgrim Centers

Pilgrim Centers

Kannur has lots of travel attractions, the pilgrimage centres are one of them. The main pilgrimage centres of Kannur are

Trichambaram Temple

20 kilometers from Kannur.

It is a sacred place of Vaishanava cult. The deity of the temple is Sree Krishna.

Trichambaram Temple-Das Residency

Madayi Para (Sacred Town)

Madayi Para - Das Residency

28 kms from Kannur.

Madayi Para has Madayi Kavu Temple, Vadukunnu Temple and the 7th century mosque.The mosque located here is said to have been built of white marble brought from Arabia. There is also a fort at Madayi built by Tipu Sultan of Mysore

Sree Muthappan Temple

18 kilometers from Kannur

Sree Muthappan Temple dedicated to Lord Muthappan, an incarnation of Lord Shiva is located at Parassinikadavu on the banks of the Valpatanam River In this temple only Theyyam, the ritual dance form of North Kerala is performed daily. There is a unique way of offering here as dried fish and toddy are offered to the deity as offering. A Kathakali centre is also located here.

Parassini Sree Muthappan Temple - Das Residency


The Shiva Temple at Kottiyoor, also known as Varanasi of the south, is an important pilgrim centres in Kannur.

Thodikalam Temple

34 kilometers from Kannur.

This temple is famous for mural paintings.

Sree Ramaswamy Temple

23 kms from Kannur

Sree Ramaswamy Temple is dedicated to Sri Rama. The 400 years old carvings of the temple is the main attraction of the temple.

Rajarajeshwara Temple

This temple is one of the most revered temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the most renowned pilgrim centres in Kannur. The Shiva linga here is believed to be thousands of years old. An unusual custom here is that women are allowed inside only after eight in the evening, as it is believed that Lord Shiva is with Paravati at that point and therefore will grant women their wishes.